Print Favorites for Word 1.5: An easy way to manage your print work in Word

Print Favorites for Word 1.5

Favorites helps you saving time, reducing printing cost. Print Favorites adopts an easy to use way to manage those options, so each combination of those options become a favorite. In other words, each favorite is a combination of many different option values. You can create or define as many favorites as you like, and organize those favorites using a familiar Organize Favorites window just like in Internet Explorer. The favorite name will appear

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ABF Favorite Folders 1.31: ABF Favorite Folders allows manage and access a list of frequently used folders

ABF Favorite Folders 1.31

Favorite Folders. The user friendly interface makes this product a must have item for your PC/Server. ABF Favorite Folders extends a context menu of folders with 2 new items. Using "Add to Favorite Folders" menu item you can add selected folders directly to a favorite list right from the context menu. You can use Start Menu, Favorites or associated keyboard shortcuts to access any of Favorite Folders. You can quickly copy any file, folder or shortcut

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Favorite Shortcuts 1.8.3: Quick launch desktop menu providing one click access to favorite files, folders.

Favorite Shortcuts 1.8.3

Favorite Shortcuts, and then click an item in the popup menu. Also this quick launch menu available on right-clicking or left-clicking at the Favorite Shortcuts system tray icon or pressing the correspondent hotkeys. To add new items to the favorite shortcuts list or to the quick launch, right-click a file or folder in Windows Explorer, and then select "Add To Favorite Shortcuts" or "Add To Quick Launch" in the popup menu. Favorite Shortcuts provides

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1st TurboRun Internet 1.0: Too many favorites? Not a problem anymore! Open any favorite web site instantly!

1st TurboRun Internet 1.0

favorites? Not a problem anymore! You don`t have to launch your browser and look through endless Favorites menu just to visit your favorite web site. Just press a simple keystroke to activate this program. Then type a few letters of the desired web site title and as you type, 1st TurboRun Internet narrows down the list of matching favorites. Even if you have tons of favorites, usually you will find your favorite with just two or three letters. Once

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Simple Favorites to be the intimate friend for internet.

Simple Favorites

In your network life, are there many favorite sites you want to collect, but too many of the collection sites are too cumbersome, now you need a simple, and intuitive favorites, simple favorites can do this job to meet your requirements. After Re-install the system, the collection site will not be lost; click group option to save Web site; you can also move up or down the popular Web site and ; can name your favorite sites freely.

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Flash Favorite Download flash movies (SWF, FLV) from web pages.  Download Youtube movies.

Flash Favorite

Favorite. Flash Favorite is the right program that can save these flashes for you. With this useful tool, you are able to download the Flash movies you like and save them to your hard drive for future playback. ------------------------- Step-by-Step Guides: 1. How to download video files from Youtube? ( 2. How to locate and save Flash Video files you browsed before? (

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SMART FAVORITES 1.3.5: Portable Bookmark Manager: Have Your Favorite Bookmarks at Hand Wherever You Go!


SMART FAVORITES is a bookmark management solution to organize, annotate and check your favorite Internet pages. SMART FAVORITES efficiently handles up to millions of links by using a database; is a useful and easy-to-use tool that helps you to store, organize and quick access to your favorite web pages. It provides advanced features such as searching, duplicate checking, password protection, URL validation and more.

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IC Soft Site Manager V1.8.5: Bookmark management program that helps you manage your favorite web sites

IC Soft Site Manager V1.8.5

IC Soft Site ManagerŪ is the desktop bookmark management program that helps you manage your favorite web site links. It eliminates the need to maintain your links through the browser`s bookmarks. The latest version of this software provides ability to import IE Favorites or Netscape Bookmarks and even automatically reads site title and URL from the topmost active IE Browser. It even created your own HTML web pages with your favorite sites.

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SonicFolder Open frequently used folders quickly in Windows Explorer, Open/Save Dialog, etc.


SonicFolder is a very easy-to-use add-on to the Windows Explorer. With it you can open favorite folders quickly in Windows Explorer, Open/Save File Dialog or on the Desktop, etc. You can add any folder to the favorite list and access them later in just two clicks. SonicFolder has already added some system defined folders (such as My Documents, My Music, Windows System, Temporary, Application Data, etc.) under a "System Folders" submenu.

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4t Tray Minimizer Free 5.52: Minimize any application to tray

4t Tray Minimizer Free 5.52

favorite application: -Customized keyboard shortcuts for quick launching and hiding your favorite application -Customized `How to hide the application` options -Customized options of behavior in the hidden mode -The favorite application can be auto hidden as soon as it is executed or as soon as it is deactivated -Option to launch only one instance of the favorite application -Restores and brings up. 4t Tray Minimizer allows bringing up your favorite

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